Saturday, April 08, 2006

Your Garden Needs

In some districts, where the houses are newly built, you will see people selling plants on the side of the streets. New houses need pretty garden, right? They have pots, grass, flowers, and all sorts of compost for gardening. This bapak (a polite way to call a man) was very nice to let me took a picture of him and his plants. Here are more shots of the greens.
Looks very fresh and green and clean...
What a lovely photo! Looks like basil in the foreground?
Oh what do you call the red plants?
Hi, all.
Hmm...I know there'd be questions about the plants. Honestly, I have no idea what they are called (shame on me, eh!) I will have to ask that bapak :p
haha, very good that you ask for permissions...and good photo of life in your city...
The bapak look so friendly - nice colours on the photo -
Very interesting shot
Very cute smile with very cute flowers..! It must be tempting walking around this kind of streets.. Very cheerful photo!
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