Sunday, April 30, 2006

Window Cleaning

It is typical for workers like these not to wear any protection while hanging around in high buildings. No helmet, no harness, nothing. Are they just brave men with super powers? Or perhaps they don't value their lives that much? Oh, I don't know. It's just scares me sometimes.
They would have to be confident with heights. We have all sorts of legislation that stops workers from taking risks with their health.- These window cleaners would have to have safety ropes, helmets and something to ensure people under were safe (and maybe be wrapped in cotton wool) if they were in NZ.
Ooo... it does look quite dangerous without any protective gera.
Yes, I think a lot countries have similar legislation to NZ. Does it not exist there or is it just flexible. Regardless, it is a great example of how these city daily photo blogs show so many differences.
similarly, HK has strict law to protect workers from taking such risks and very often the employers are responsible to ensure that they have proper protection. One of the things I have to credit the British rule.
One of rich Indonesian business men would say as he tend to say “Life is cheap here.”
Oh wow, that's really a dangerous job, especially with out helmet or anything else to secure you.
Great photo and comments. Hopefully something like the NZ legislation will be considered in the future and expected norms will change.

BTY check out todays HK post which has a Jakarta theme.
I don't think I could watch them.
Sometimes I wonder here if we have the same safety standards as elsewhere, but seeing this makes me think France is ok. Interesting topic for a shot...great idea!
thanks for the comments!

Yes,'s quite flexible. Some of the good construction companies create their own strict regulations. I don't think there's a special legislation from the government, not to my knowledge that is.

marek: yes, I hear that a lot. I think rich Indonesian business men should start thinking more about people other than themselves.
wow, that is surprising they dont use any safety device - not even a safety line attached! hmm
there is a safety line on the yellow one at least :)
but yes they are quite crazy :)
This is very interesting site...
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