Sunday, April 02, 2006

Warung Ibu As

Ibu As, standing behind the counter, is my mom's neighbour (We say 'Ibu' to our mother, women older than us, those who are in higher position than us at work, basically 'Ibu' is a polite way to call an adult woman). Ibu As changed her little front garden to a warung which sells all kinds of things. She's retired. So, the warung keeps her busy.
nice photo ;)
Santy, lots of interesting details in this shot, I like it...
She has quite a selection of items she sells! What is that in the red box labelled putra jaya - is that bred?
lots of vivid colours...won't she need a fridge to chill the beer!!
Putra Jaya! That really gets me going! The new Parliament and Prime Minister's residence in KL, is in a new suburb called.. Putrajaya!

What's in the box? Noodles?

I love your photos--you always seem to catch a nice calming atmosphere
Sorry, what's a warung?
nice looking store, so colorful.
Warung is Store/Shop (in this case).
Thanks for the comments!

The red box contains snacks we call 'kerupuk'. It's like chips. Crunchy and tasty when you eat them with nasi goreng (fried rice)!

Thanks for the translation, Ed!
Yes, the sign Putra Jaya grab my attention,too. The store brings back childhood memories :)))
Yeah its a good small-business for mid-aged housewifes, keep them busy and somewhat away from Sinetrons. A convinience store of some sort, no alcohol.
Waaaa Mbak Santy I miss Krupuk :((
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