Saturday, April 29, 2006

Tukang Kunci

'Kunci' means keys. This small kiosk is for duplicating your keys. Car keys, door keys, any keys. And most of our doors are easily duplicated. It's not an expensive service, so it's good to make a few spares if you're a forgetful type of person.
Cool... but where did the keymaker go?
I think the keymaker is a shy person :-)
very old shop, must be well known around this place :)
That's very handy! Looks like it's on wheels as well so it can move around.
I need such kiosks :)
The key shops in the US are normally in a big box store such as Walmart or Home Depot. However the key maker is normally hard to find just as in your photo.
thanks for the comment guys!
good question...I have no idea where he went! :)
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