Sunday, April 16, 2006

Mobile Coffee

Still at the fun fair. It was incredibly hot. Starbucks opened up a mobile stand for people to buy some cool frappuccino. I'm a coffee lover and still prefer my coffee hot :) I'd rather buy softdrinks or plain water to cool off (yes...we buy water here. Water from taps are not drinkable). Here are more pictures of the mobile Starbucks.
Gee, where is Starbucks going to stop?! And by the way we also buy water in bootle in France even though it is said to be trinkable!
What a great idea, I can confirm what Eric says, We have drinking from the taps for years and never had a problem
I wish Starbuck would come to SA -I agree with you, coffee must be hot! We also drink tap water, however bottled water is a big industry in SA, because many people prefer bottled water, but its quite expensive.
Wow mobile starbucks! I would love to see that parked in front of my house!
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