Sunday, April 09, 2006


It's been very very hot this week. About 38 degrees of Celcius maybe! Although the other trees were fine with the heat, this one...I think would probably say "I've had enough of it! I can't take it anymore!" Hope you all have a good weekend :)
Interesting...I thought they are all evergreen trees in Indonesia....
Too bad. Do you think it will come back again?
To me this tree doesnt look as if it will come back again...
Nice shot ! I wonder where the photo was taken.
"oh... but in my last days I'm seen by people all over the world! i'll die happy..!"
It probably shed all its leaves to be cooler!
Good comment aphotoaday.
Thanks for the comments guys! I'm sure that tree would appreciate it :)

I think the leaves won't come back, but the tree will still be there for a couple more years.

And yes, good comment aphotoaday :)
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