Saturday, April 01, 2006


Aaah...Bintaro, my neighbourhood. South Jakarta as well. The houses here are 'wall to wall' close to each other. They don't have a back yard, but it's not that bad. Quite cozy actually :) Here are more houses in Bintaro.
nice looking neighborhood. Love it that there are trees all around.
Nice and green neighborhood!
Looks like a very nice neighbourhood..:)
santy, my sister lives bintaro permai :-) yeah, it's quiet, calm and pretty green neighborhood for sure. thanks for highlighting it...
actually it's you denton who posted this photo, so it's your neighborhood then? :-)
It's nice! Peaceful and all green! =)
It looks so peaceful. Love the second blog with a different view.
Maya, I am just pushing the buttons for Santy over the weekend. The post is about Santy's neighborhood. Mine is very different given I live in Greenville, South Carolina in the USA. The flexibility of the Internet is amazing. Imagine, a blogger half way around the world helping another push the buttons.
Thanks, all! It is a nice peaceful place to live in.

Thanks for your help, Denton. I really appreciate it :)

Maya, what a small world, eh? I frequently pass bintaro permai!
San, did you know that I've always wanted to live in Bintaro? :-)
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