Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Golden Bracelets

Are you a fan of golden bracelets? They're not actually my style, although I might like the really thin ones. Anyway, if you do like them, Melawai Plaza in Blok M area of south Jakarta is a place to go. They have various designs of golden jewelry. The place is popular for people who would like to buy affordable wedding rings as you could use your bargain skills here. And some of the shops offer custom made jewelry and repair. Oh, please excuse those white dots... they came from lights above the counter :)
oh,my world is changing golden...
hee hee...i am not a big fan of golden, i prefer the silver.I like that kind of colour more.

shanghai daily photo
ouch...my eyes...so bright, so shiny and too eye-catching for me :-)...
ohh this photo is shining...:) giving back the athmosphere of gold very well
Yummy... Bangles!!! I love them on slender women... But not on me... My arm start to look like ham in those netty things...
Jewelery is lots of fun.
Beautiful bracelets. I have a website promoting handicraft artisans Do you know how I can get in touch with some Indonesian artists? Especially wood carving artists. I have seen some wood art works from Indonesia, they are stunning!
jason: you may want to try and visit this site: http://www.indonesia-handicraft.com

thanks for stopping by, everyone :)
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