Tuesday, November 14, 2006

XS Project - Jakarta

XS Project has such brilliant idea to help reduce waste and overcome poverty in Jakarta. They buy unused plastics from the trash pickers, develop the plastics into bags, wallets, trash bins, lunch boxes, etc. More information on their website and their catalog. I bought the large handbag and it's so useful, long lasting and unique. I use it for when we go to the beach or the swimming pool. It's great cause you could just wipe it if it ever gets wet. The one thing I remember when I first bought the bag was the wonderful smell! Because the plastics are mostly from detergents or floor cleaners. Hats off to everyone in the XS Project! I think they're doing a fantastic job :)
And, you did a fantastic job of reporting and photographing.
i find this idea great and the bags are very colorful. I guess Indonesian teenagers will love it.
I have not seen anything like this before. What a great idea!
Eu acho que o mundo tem de apostar mais na reciclagem porque é uma maneira de poupar dinheiro e recursos ambientais "I find that the world has to bet more in the recycling because is a way to save money and environmental resources"
that's a very clever project!
kate: Thanks, Kate! I think it's worth posting :)

zsolt72: yes, the colors are great!

jenny: you can buy on line, but then you're coming here soon anyway, right? :)

arturcampus: yes, I see what you're saying :) thanks for stopping by!

jazzy: yes, and it's all for good cause :)
Santy, your photo is so nicely composed. Despite the many colors and patterns, these shapes remain cohesive when viewed, and this shot really works! Now I want to smell some of these. . . ;^)
How interesting. My colleague viewing the site says it is quite beatiful.
Colorful stuff; I think it's just perfect for the beach. Good one, Santy.
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