Friday, November 24, 2006

The Wedding - Akad Nikah

Akad Nikah is required in a Moslem wedding. Those who need to be present here are the bride & groom, father of the bride, two male witnesses, and a penghulu (same as priest in a christian wedding). What you see in this picture was the groom helding his future father in law's hand as he expressed his intention of marrying the love of his life. Father of the bride will then accept and the ceremony continues to marriage advices from the penghulu and official paper signing. sorry, still can't get large pics! :(
it's been great following the wedding ceremony here in Jakarta.

i had a same problem with enlarging the photos, se here is my solution.
what i do now is that i make sure that in ‘html’ two rows of numbers that start with "http://photos1... are identical, for example: ... blogger2/7687/3537/1600/313304/shells.jpg"
the last number in the row didn't exist before and now they come out differently.
just make sure those two rows with numbers are identical and adjust ‘width’ as before
hope that makes sense, if not give me a shout.
What a lovely shot, (everyone looks so intense...) and interesting cultural information!
Two MALE witnesses? I suppose women aren't good enough. How insulting.
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