Thursday, November 16, 2006

Traditional Market

It's all blurry, I know. I guess it could represent the busy movements of that place :) Hehe.. Anyway, it's one of our traditional markets in Jakarta. I promise to show you better shots of it next time!
i'd give anything to go to a market like this now!
we have mainly cabbage this winter season :(
The colours are varied, vivid, and vibrant. Love markets because food is so fresh and tastes so much better than the supermarket fare. Tomatoes actually taste like tomatoes. I'm sad because ours is now closed for the season.
Blurry or not, the composition and colors are excellent. In the thumbnail view on the portal it's easy to see that this is an outstanding scene! Kudos,
great colors and you have so many that lady holding a shopping list?
This picture really shows everything :D

I'll have that carrot, uhmm.. corn ..
uhmmm.. what else .. :D
Even if a bit blurry, I really love markets. They are so human compared to supermarkets!
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