Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Seserahan is a Javanese tradition during a marriage ceremony, where the bride & groom's family exchange gifts as a warm gesture to express their joy of uniting the two families. Here you can see the groom (at the front) wearing Javanese traditional outfit, guided by his parents to walk toward the ceremony area. His family brought baskets filled with gifts for the bride. In the old days, the bride didn't know what to expect in those boxes of presents. Some would find things that they're not fond of. But now it's common for the bride to choose the gifts she likes, so that nothing will be left unused. The gifts are mostly clothings, batik, lingerie, perfume, shoes, bags or may also be fruits and food.
the clothing is wonderful. So colourful culture
Hi Santy!
I'm back in Stavanger safely. Thanks a lot for posting a photo of us. When will you visit me?
BTW, kawinan siapa nih?
HI Santy, I'm back from the abyss of wordpress...haha

is this a wedding series? looking forward to more photos, it is interesting!
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