Monday, November 27, 2006

Rumah Jawa

Still on the wedding series... We call this Rumah Jawa (Javanese House) as it has a uniquely Javanese architechture. Here's where the bride and groom being made up. They had to change into two different traditional outfits. One for the afternoon ceremony and another for the evening reception. To Jazzy: I've tried making the code identical to no avail :( I used to be able to tweak the size, but blogger's so mean nowadays! Perhaps I need to find the time to move to WP!
I'm a bit behind so I had to go back and look at all the wedding photos. It's really interesting to see how they differ from those I am familiar with.

And what a hoot to see you with Tanty!

AND...I love Wordpress! It's super easy to transfer over. I have the instructions on how to do it if you want them.
i love the customs surrounding this wedding. great pictures.

i'm sorry Santy the resizing of the photos didn't work for you, lots of people migrating to 'wp' but i rally like the blogger and for now i'll stick to it, despite all the problems.
susan: I'll appreciate it if you could share with me that wp instructions :)

jazzy: yes, don't know why it didn't work for me :(
Exquisite wood carvings, Santy. And the costume of the person kneeling is beautiful; I love the colors.
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