Thursday, November 23, 2006

Prayers for the Wedding Couple

First of all, Blogger wouldn't allow me to enlarge the picture today. Not sure why. It's one of those Blogger's bad mood probably. Anyway, these two ladies were saying prayers for the wedding couple. The lady in white read a few lines from the Holy Qur'an, and the one beside her read the translation in Indonesian language.
What beautiful dresses. It is really interesting seeing how you celebrate weddings. Thank you.
lovely bride! hmm..i dont recall prayers in malay weddings i've been to...
Hi, Santy, thanks for visiting. Your pictures are so great & very interesting. I like your Loop very much.
Edwin had the same problem. Blogger is really less and less reliable:( The lady is very beautiful on the photo:)
I'm always pleased to be informed of practices in other cultures. I also think that both women are beautiful.
that's a beautiful photo Santy.
I love this series about the wedding. There's so much culture in those traditions! I also had a look at the kite museum's website (re your post 3 days ago): the kites there are absolutely fantastic (the miniature ones are incredible)!
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