Friday, November 03, 2006

Political Graffiti

In Jakarta there is much graffiti, most of it is very artistic and colorful. This old fashioned, politically oriented graffiti appeared on a city wall soon after the soldiers were kidnapped and the Israeli army invaded Lebanon. Though far removed from the middle east, Islamic solidarity is evident in Jakarta. photo and text by Mike
Gintung :)
It's difficult to make an intelligent comment about political signs because there is so much background, opinion, and emotional relationships to one side or the other. Interesting info. Religion and politics continue to be volatile topics.
"islamic solidarity'?! or islamist stupidity?
Anonymous, you are very good to recognize Gintung as the location of this wall of Graffiti. In a city of millions, how did you know this wall? Mike
Gintung? Where is that?
I like reading about Indonesia and Islam because even though I know it is the most populous Islamic country, (we are told that over and over again), I never had the 'feel' for it until I found your blog. So, thank you, Sandy and Mike.
I was in Jakarta when London blasts happened in 2005. I saw people watching TV at public places and their face was rather worried then "happy". They didnt run to the streets shoting to the air because islams beated again christians. Demonising Islamic cultures doesnt make any sense.
I happen to leave around these area, Mike :)
nice color. vivid. blue.
Santy, so sorry I spelled your name wrong. My eyes were so tired from looking DPs for about three hours last night. (Yet I'm at it again today.)
the only way change to save palestine is to get Bush and his law breaking, lying officials out of office so we can actually have responsible officials who care more about life and living than war and dying =)
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