Thursday, November 02, 2006

Plastic Bottles

This photo is of plastic bottles being prepared for recycling. People scour the city streets for plastic containers that can be sold to companies who will reprocess the plastic. There are many bottles to pick up, but the pay is small. For a fully loaded handcart a collector may earn $2.00. Long, hot work for little profit is the way of life for many in large urban areas. photo and text by Mike
apa khabar, Santy?

all i can say is "sikit sikit jadi bukit!" or something like that
sounds like a tough life. There used to be people here in Canada that did that (mostly homeless people i think). Now that we have citywide recycling pickup you don't see it much anymore.

On a slightly lighter note. I remember Stephen Chow's character in Shaolin Soccer had this job at the beggining of the movie (before he took a stab at shaolin song and dance).
Do you know what they will make with these plastic?
2 USD is like 18.000 rupiah if I remember well. The collector can have a lunch maybe from this money.....can he/she?
I have a photo of bottles on sticks, apparently it's art, but I just don't get it.. perhaps I'll have to post it one day now!
not exactly a beautiful scene but it's a great thing to recycle!
I believe plastic bottles are made into "fleece" clothing.

In South Australia (state) there is a 5c deposit on cans and bottles, and I know someone who collects them to help eke out a living.
kris: kabar baik... you're right about sikit-sikit jadi bukit :)

mike c: yes, it is a tough job for those unfortunate ones who try to survive living in the big city.

meg: I know a community which creates bags or plastic flowers out of these used bottles.

zsolt72: yes, they can. so it keeps them alive physically. buying clothes, shoes and other necessities are quite a luxury for them.

john: many arts are sometimes beyond our rational mind. I think you should post the picture. I'd love to see it :)

lisi: yes, lots of people here are becoming aware of recycling. Which is good!

sally: fleece clothing, eh? that's a new term for me.

thanks for commenting, guys! :)
In modern Singapore, you do see some people who pick up plastic, paper cardboards and aluminium cans for a living too. At least it's an honest living.
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