Monday, November 20, 2006

Meet with Tanty from Stavanger Daily Photo

Goodie! I got to meet with one of the DP family as well! Tanty was visiting Jakarta to celebrate Idul Fitri with her family here. She was busy meeting her relatives, and I was quite tight up with work lately. But we finally found the time to meet last weekend. We met at Cilandak Town Square and Bella had a quite exciting experience in the arcade place, Timezone :) It was great fun! The first time I met with her adorable princesses, Bella and Brenda. Tanty and I actually knew each other from awhile back. We worked in the same company in 1995 and has been keeping in touch again recently. I sent her my Jakarta Daily Photo link and she then had an idea of creating her own Stavanger Daily Photo, which we all love of course! Anyway, let me know if anyone of you DP members would like to come visit Jakarta, ok :)
How fun to meet one of the family! I hope to have the opportunity one day - anyone is welcome to visit me in Sharon, CT, USA!
it seems time of DP meetings nowdays. Carol and Kate have met in Saint Paul..and now you guys in Jakarta and I met with Zannnie (Singapore) in Budapest.:) Who is the next?:)
now I know what tanty looks like. I've always wondered. thanks santy (and you look so sweet!) so different from your profile shot. :)
jenny, zsolt72: yes, it is a lot of fun!

edwin: what do you mean? that I looked scary on my profile shot? Hehe.... :) Anyway, thanks, Ed! you got me blushing :)
Nathalie and I keep making noises about meeting - seeing this happy reunion makes me think we had better do something about it soon!
I'm both thrilled and delighted to meet the two of you! I would love to visit Jakarta! I've been to Thailand and Bali; perhaps I should try for another trip. But, I haven't been to Australia and New Zealand and should amend that first. Again, I am so happy that you posted this photo. All four of you look so happy!!
Thanks for sharing this photos and all the daily photos you post as well. Happy Idul Fitri.
sally: yesss, do something! and post the picture! :)

kate: yep, we were quite excited to meet. you're welcome in Jakarta anytime, kate!

denton: you're very welcome :)
Gosh, I am envious. As I said to Kate and Carol, I've only met one other DPer - and I live with him! It looks like you really had a good time!
what a great photo and nice to see DP bloggers getting together.
thanks for sharing =)
This is lovely!!! It's so wonderful when members of the DP family get to get together. It's much better than behind a computer screen.
It's great to see people having the opportunity to meet each other, you are so lucky!

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