Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Kite Museum

The carriage, or delman as we call it, was made from thin paper which is used to create kites. This was taken in Jakarta's Kite Museum (Museum Layang-Layang) in Pondok Labu area. Here you can find so many artistic and more traditional type of kites. Besides having weddings and other gatherings, the museum often have kite festivals, kite-making course for kids, etc. The museum meant to keep the culture of traditional kites alive. Unfortunately the website is not available in English. Perhaps you were wondering why they put up those elegant white tents? Because a wedding was being held there! More pictures tomorrow :)
Is the carriage truly a kite? Have you read The Kite Runner??
What a craft! Very nice!
ohh what a pity i missed this museum being in Jakarta...next time sure I will go..ok Pondok Labu area..:) I will remember
What an amazing and beautiful work of art!
kate: I suppose not all the parts were made from kite. It was supported by wrought iron as well.

ben & marie: I thought so too. After visiting, I wanted to learn how to make one :)

zsolt72: remember to give me a buzz when you're in town :)
This is so beautiful. And museum web site - they do have the tabs in English so I got to see the Gallery - I LOVE the bird kite. I would love to visit this Museum! How fantastic.
So very beautiful!
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