Monday, November 06, 2006

Kemang - Kem Chiks

Kemang is quite a funky and hip area in south Jakarta. It has various entertainment places, restaurants from Indian food to Vietnamese, Japanese, Italian, American, Indonesian... fast food, street food stalls to fine dining. Cafes and clubs with all sorts of different types of music. DJ's spinning music or live performances? Your choice. It's a place that never sleeps. Many changes have happened in the streets of Kemang. But I remember Kem Chiks supermarket being there for years. This place is quite popular among the expatriates community because it's one of the places in Kemang where they could find imported products from canned foods to meat and wine and cheese. Kemang sometimes held a festival called Kemang Street Festival, where the streets are closed for a number of vendors to sell their products such as Indonesian crafts, clothes, food, etc. I haven't heard of another one coming up, but will try to post pictures of it later. If you come and visit Jakarta, do take your time to experience Kemang. It's fun! Oh, sorry about the weird angle. It was just a very hot day, I guess :)
Kemang emang bagus.
Whatever happened to Mammas kitchen. I hear it is no longer there
sounds a must-visit place, i shall bookmark this post!
That's ok, it tends to happen on very hot days, Santy.
Santi, thanks for these pictures. My wife usually goes to kemchiks every day. we lived near prapanca area. now we moved out to los angeles, and we sure missed kemang and jakarta. these photos are somewhat helpful to accommodate our 'kangen' to jakarta.
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