Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Jakarta at Night

The shot was taken from the World Trade Center building in Sudirman, Central Business District Jakarta. Even though it's not a day-ly photo, Jakarta at night is also beautiful :) Picture taken by Nick
So crisp for a night shot, you have done really well, it looks lovely. I guess you were leaning on a wall to sturdy the camera? What is happening down on the grass area, can't quite make it out. Looks like lots of bikes at a drive in!!
I'd love to take the credit, John. but it's not my shot. A friend of mine, Nick who photographed this night scene. Not sure what those are on the grass area, but I think it's a parking space for motorcycles. Anyway, thanks for the compliment! I'm sure he'd very much appreciate it :)
Like John said, it's all crisp and clear with all the sparkles in it...thanks to you and Nick :-)
Thanks for the comments.. :)
Yes that is a motorcycle parking area.

I wanted to help Santy on sharing Jakarta's Daily Life in pictures..

Thank you for visiting :)
Santy, this is so nice to see Nick's nightime view of the city. The heat and smog have given way to a very sharp looking air. Kudos!
I love night time photos! This is beautiful!
wonderful night shot! the deatils are clean and the colours are perfect.
FYI. the building on the right is 'Sampoerna Strategic Square' (was 'Bank Danamon Towers'). I used to work in this building.

On the left is 31 storeys 'Menara Satrio' still under constructed.
Hi Santy! Hi Nick! Long time no seeeeeeeeeee! Beautiful shot you two...and OMG! Reading about all that Indonesian food down below makes me huuuuuuuuungry! Thank goodness my MIL made satay not too long ago...and it's the BEST--I'm lucky! ;-)
hey santy, you have I fall in love with Jakarta. thanx for your marvelous photos!!!
jakarta sure is beautiful! day or night!
Hi Nick, hi Santy! I love this shot. It is a super night shot. Very awesome colors and crispness as John and Lisi stated. Very nice.
Great shot Nick, it's nevereasy getting the exposure correct for these, but you've done a fantastic job!

Curly's Photoshop
I like night shots. A city has totally different athmosphere at night..and the lights are amaing. Just like on your wonderful photo
That is a fantastic shot!
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