Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Road Construction

This picture was taken by Mike, a good friend of mine who wanted to contribute his pictures of Jakarta to the Jakarta Daily Photo. Here's what Mike has to say about the shot: Road construction seems to be a constant in our large metropolis. Though the projects are big, resources for workers are minimal. These men are part of a crew tasked with widening the road. Though the task is large, they work only with hand tools, cutting each individual brace to hold up the form used to support the concrete. Yes, these men are working outside during the fasting month of Ramadan. Their goal is to finish the project so they can be paid and go on leave before the Idul Fitri/ Lebaran holidays. I am humbled when I look at their work load compared to mine. Great shot, Mike. Thanks for sharing it with us! :)
oh yes, I shouldn't be sighing and complaining to my own workload too. Thanks for this humbling photo Mike.

santy, enjoy the rest of the week!
that looks like a tough job!
i salute them for working under rain or shine..Thanks Mike for the photo!
I love fotos of people working because it says so much about the culture--all positive. tell your friend that this is a great capture.
WOW. Makes me ashamed that I complain of my pitiful little workload! Thanks for the reality check!
Yes, I agree that it's a good post overall. Mike and I are glad that you all like it :)
Super photo. Let's hear it for the skilled laborers and craftspeople of the world. We all benefit from their good, hard work. Friendly looking bunch o' guys, too.
Someone said before, what makes your blog so special is the social commentary, either by you or your friend. Very worthwhile!
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