Monday, October 02, 2006

On a Hot Sunny Day

I am fasting, he's fasting. I'm working in a nice comfortable air conditioned room all day, and he's out there in the hot and humid. Anyway, fasting month or not and regardless of what your believes are, sometimes it only takes a good look around to feel more grateful of what you have.
Tanty...your post is very touching me....
Very nice shot and touching narration. I love it!
That's why Allah wants us all to fast. So that we can understand other's suffering and be more grateful.

Nice posting, Santy.
that's a great picture Santy and words to go with...
have a good week.
Bulan Puasa Bulan Mulia
how true of what you said Santy...btw, I'll try not to post food photo this month (just kidding)..
well, I'm in one of those 'contemplating' mood :)

thanks for commenting!
yes, i've always wonder how the people working under the sun fast..I salute to them, really :)
Agree with you, Santy.
In shanghai, you can see them everywhere, wether under the sun or in the heavy rain...
Salute to them!
And I think we should respect them too!They keep our surroundings clean~
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