Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jakarta's Future Monorail

This is what currently looks like along Senayan street in south Jakarta. An ongoing construction of Jakarta's first monorail. Well, it's a way of overcoming our terrible traffic. We shall see what result comes out of this. I hope it's a project that could make Jakarta a more convenient city. And hopefully it's not one of those things that will discontinue in the middle of construction and being ignored without any follow ups.
wow, finally under construction. this plan has been on the table since the early 90s! hopefully it will work as proposed. at least it will be above the banjir. :)
the monorail in Bangkok does help with alleviating the terrible traffic of the city. Do you mean there are construction projects which are abandoned before?
Kalimera Santy ,

I hope that this project resolves your city's problem.
When the work is ready don't forget
to post a photo ....
hope the project will be finished soon, come back to show us when it's finished.
yeaaaa.... finally you post image from this project. I'm a train geek, I love every form of train. Thanks for your posting.

Lisi: CMIIW, I dont think Bangkok has monorail, it has railway based metro system --like in Singapore, elevated and underground.
Hope that monorail somehow help with the traffic. When I was still in Manila, I hated the traffic but to where I am now.....the roads are smooth even on rush hours.
The advantage of living in the country, huh!

But of course I miss the big city sometimes.

Have a nice day!
bfy: yesss, finally!

lisi: there were once a toll way construction being abandoned for quite some time but they continued building it after several months. And in some places we do have unfinished buildings that still look the same way day after day. I guess it's a budget issue.

thanks for stopping by, all! I too hope the monorail works. Although I feel that it might take awhile for all of us to see the finished project :)
Yes, i hope it helps. the one in Sydney is useless as public transport - it's just a tourist gimmick really.
santy: when its ready, maybe i shall pay jakarta a visit :-)
bagus nih.. a real image of jakarta..

let's join flickr Jakarta Group!
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