Friday, October 13, 2006

Indonesian Wind Chime

Our version of wind chime is made from bamboo. They create a pleasant angklung sound when moved by the wind. It's nice to have them in your house. You can sit on the porch and listen to the soothing sound of it. This house with that cute little garden is not mine, unfortunately :) Happy Friday, everyone!
yes they can be soothing - but i'm wandering if you have the sound all the time when in the house does it get annoying or you just get used to it and don't hear it any more.
i noticed they're very popular but never had one myself.
bener euy, pernah pasang di rumah, tapi keberisikan terus di lepas lagi hehehe...
I love wind chimes! I have a set that my father made for me before he died and I keep repairing them whenever they break. They are not so pretty anymore but they have sentimental value so I keep them.
I like those wind chimes better than the metalic or glass ones - bamboo ones make gentler sounds.
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