Thursday, October 05, 2006


Here's one of our fruit stalls. Don't know where the fruit seller went though :)
My favorite place in ANY country. Everythink is so nicely displayed and marketed.
it's funny...back when I lived in Jakarta I always wanted to eat peaches, blueberries, apricots..and all the other "foreign" fruits that seemed exotic for me. now in the US I miss eating papaya, mango and rambutan! I can find them, it's just not that easy, or as tasty as in back home...if only I appreciated what I had growing up!
This is the most well stacked fruit stand I've seen yet! =)

Thanks for the info on the spam - I deleted them =)

Sadly had to also turn on comment verification =(
WOW those fruity triangles! Great shot! (=
Soon .. soon .. I can eat all those fruits :)
i love the way fruits are displayed, great shot Santy.
jakarta sure looks like towns in malaysia. reminds me of home :-) i see a stall behind, is that stall selling rojak? hehe...
I want a fruit right now!
What is this red fruit?It is an apple?
great photo, great colors. Sadly this something this photo is of something I've never seen where I live. Granted, we can't grow more than half of those fruits in our climate, so perhaps that is why.
lagi bobo ciang kali, tanty...
selana: those red ones are actually oranges.

keropokman: nope, selling noodle :)

slinger: well, come on down and visit us! hehe...

thanks for stopping by, everyone!
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