Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Daring Men?

I know it's not a sharp enough picture, sorry. It was taken late afternoon from inside my car (no, I wasn't the one driving!). I was quite intrigued by the way those men managed to stay on top of that moving truck with a load of leaves! Not safe at all.
LOL... "Oh look dear, there are 4 men nesting in the back of that truck".

Funny shot!
nice shot!
hee hee...actually I think its great to catch some moment by chance.
thats the real life ~~ i can feel.
agree with Jing...and this photo reminds me of your previous one with a family on motorcycle :-)...daring people!
I dont mind the quality of the photo at all Santy. Its even more alive here..
Indonesians are surely brave! They showed it in 1949 too when Hollands wanted to come back.:)
hehe, this is common site on the countryside in bosnia..
Probably a soft ride!
jugger: haha! nesting! that's a good one :)

jing & lisi: yep, it's the advantage of carrying your camera at all times.

zsolt72:wow, you sure know the history!

jazzy: is that so? interesting...something we have in common, eh?

kate: hehe, probably!
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