Friday, October 06, 2006

Apartment Living

Are you an apartment person? Well, here's a fairly new one in south Jakarta, The Pakubuwono Residence. Apartment living is getting more and more popular for the upper class Jakartans. I personally like living in a house with my own back yard, where I could have relatives come over without having them left their IDs on the front desk and being checked by security :)
wow, this is like another world within Jakarta, or the Jakarta you usually show...btw, Santy, don't come to HKDP unless you have eaten know, food pix ;p
lisi is right. that looks like it's in LA or something.

I like apartments. I don't live in such a posh building as those ones. Only three floors. We have no security (or buzzer even). I like it because it does feel a little more secure (my parents live nearby and they can't stop by unexpectedly) and I like being high up.

I'm looking foward to having own house though (soon I hope).
i wouldnt mind a less dense apartment..that 3 blocks can fit in what? 10 thousand households? but i do likt the facade
top floor apartment would do for me =)
No, like you, I can't see myself living in an apartment. OK to stay in for a while, but I like space and green and not sharing walls with other people!
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