Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wedding Reception

This is considered as a quite empty reception area. Jakartans, or I believe Indonesians in general, usually have weddings packed with people. When I say packed, I meant 200 to 300 invitations for the average people and could reach to around 1000 guests for the rich and famous. Some people do a one night party at a hotel ballroom, some do a three days in a row party at home. You see the red carpet on the picture there? Before helping themselves with different types of food, people were lining up there to congratulate the bride and groom who were standing on the beautifully decorated platform. The lines could get very crowded that some guests would say 'oh, let's get some food first then congratulate them later.' And let me tell you, it's no fun at all for the bride and groom to stand for more than two hours, shaking 100 or more hands, put a smiley face all night and wrapped in a somewhat uncomfortable traditional outfit! Yep, been there done that :) Don't get me wrong, I loved my wedding reception but I loved it even more when it's over! Lucky for couples who can negotiate with their family to have a smaller wedding.
Nice photo Santy! I went to your wedding reception remember? With that guy ...
BTW, I know what you meant. I've been there done that too :)
Hi Santy !
I am not married ...yet ...who can a be the lucky guy? ...but I would like to have a small wedding ,in a chappel and a perfect honey moon .
Hi Santy! I can relate my wedding last year I had 150 guests, and that is considered small! Usually it's between 250-350! Can you imagine that!
I like when you post photos with people. Indonesians are so beautiful. Especially children on motorbikes between mommy and daddy:) I cant wait to see more Jakarta photos!
Most times the greeting line here is right after the ceremony, and before eating. Its nice, polite, but people are generally brief. 2 hours of greeting I couldn’t imagine!
If I ever get married, eloping would be a thought.
Juggerpix experience reflects most of ours, except our friends who chose to have banquets in SF's Chinatown. At those, the bride and groom visited every table for extended toasts (with shots of whiskey!) and personal greetings, and the bride would be draped in jade neclaces by loving aunties, and such. This was AFTER a full day at the wedding , preceeded by a traditional Chinese cerimony in the home, and running around to SF sites with a photographer, and a cake reception. Can you IMAGINE getting on a flight for a honeymoon after that? Yikes. More a marathon than a wedding day, me thinks!
Great shot that captures the feel of this reception, Santy!
Kondangan, bo...
Lagi di Polonia Medan ni... mo pulang ke Bandung (nggak upload blog selama 2 hari. Nyobain internet gratis dari speedy di bandara. Jadi nggak pake user yg di blogger itu. Takut password ke-log.

Nice, this mother look like so thirsty...
very similar to Chinese wedding...a very good post and photo Santy!
Great shot and commentary!

My sister did it smart - she eloped! They went to Fiji.
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