Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Water Delivery

Here's another use of motorbikes in Jakarta. Oh, gosh...we run out of water at home. Hey, just call your neighborhood's grocery store and they'll deliver.
Cyclist are so talented in many countries. I'm always impressed with the ingenuity of people. I'll have to start using them when I go down to Mexico in January, 2007.
Actually, I get really thirsty on long trips, a bike set up like this would be nice. I would need a loooong straw though! And about 1372 potty breaks.
My husband was just saying water weighs 8 lbs. a gallon. I'm assuming this must be a run of emty containers? Otherwise, he carting over 300 lbs. Woah!
PS-Santy, I'm on Capitol Hill today and this week, per your request (I covered Jimi Hendrix statue from there on the 11th, but not much response on that subject. . .probably not the day for it -K.
is it drinking water? or for other used as well?
PDAM...where are you....?
great i'd say

hope his bike will last after carrying so much weight =)
WOW the driver must have great balance!
Hmmmmmmmmmm, doesn't seem very sanitary this done a lot and is it really safe? Guess locals build up a tolerance for bugs that might be in the water/bottles...very interesting shot! :-)
juggerpix: 1372?? a lot of stops then, eh! :)

kim: yes, those are empty ones, but they used to carry filled ones as well.

kris: it's drinking water

jazzy: I hope so too!

helen: I think he's used to it already

ame: as far as I know, the empty ones are not used for refills. Meaning new gallons come straight from the factory. at least that's what I've been assuming!
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