Thursday, September 14, 2006

Three in One

Three in one? I should say 'four in one' with that box on the front. But then they also have plastic bags on the front and back. This is an everyday sight in Jakarta. You can even find a motorbike with three children! Somehow they're able to squeeze them in. Dangerous, eh? It's actually quite a sad view especially with children being cramped in, inhaling dirty smokes, battered by the wind, sun and rain. Why not use public transports? I know our busses are not convenient enough, but I think the reason people use motorbikes is mainly to avoid the hideous traffic.
I said five in one, because this mother is pregnant (I guess...)
definitely dangerous...but I guess people don't have many alternatives or else they wouldn't choose this option.
Oh sure.. the adults get the helmets too!

Ah, a military helmet with a lavender outfit... fun... last year.
This is sooo dangerous! But atleast they have helmets :)
ohhhhh thank you thank you thank you Santy:) I think for the babies and kids is the best to be so close to mommy and daddy.
yeah, blame it to public transport. I fear for them whenever I see such scene ..but its life!
I'd be in jail if I did that here!
I hope you don't have to many injuries ( or worse) as a result.
Santy, What I love about your blog is that you don't shy away from showing us the more difficult or challenging part of life in your city. You tug at the heart strings here. . . it could all so easily go so wrong.
fascinating =)
True shot. The advantage of the our community is that too much of our pics are not found in postcards, we are in real life. We show our cities with their good and bad things. With virtues and miseries.

Greetings and well done!!!
Like Sally said, yours is a really great blog because of the social commentary. Courageous. Thank you.
I wouldn't want to be the child in the middle with your face up against the driver's back and no helmet! I guess helmets are not required by law?
Thank you so much to all of you. I'm trying my best to present the reality with my limited skill of photography. I love my country. It's like being married to it, I guess. For richer or poor, through sickness and health :)

thanks for keep visiting!!
she looks like she is shoving the babys head - yikes - but I like how they really make use of this mode of transportation - it has a much better gas mileage than the cars!
40 years ago you might have seen this in the States. No one would tolerate a child riding without a helmet here now. . .I noticed that people in France didn't wear helmets on bicycles and weren't required to. I think there is more personal risk taking in a lot of places because people accept the responsibility for themselves and their own safety.
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