Thursday, September 21, 2006

Terong, Pare, Timun

I contacted my dear friend sLesTa yesterday and asked if she wanted to post a picture today. Unfortunately she's not feeling well and has to visit her doctor. She must be working too hard. But we still get a little bit of sLesTa today, which is one of her shots from the market: Pare (foreground), Terong or eggplants (the purple one), and Timun or cucumbers. I know a lot of people are familiar with Terong and Timun because they exist in many countries. I'm not sure about Pare. It tastes very bitter. Do you have a similar vegetable where you live?
very nicely arranged, colors as well as you know probably have noticed i love fruit and veg photos.

i have never tried 'pare' (in my language 'pare' means money) i assume you use it as salad?
My mom used to cook pare with ikan teri (ikan=fish, teri->a name of minuscule fish)... mixed with sesame oil and a bit of chilli. Eat it with hot rice.... yummiiii
yes the bitter veg is called Bittergourd
I've seen your pare at our market but never bought it or tasted it. Interesting colours!
I love all the veg in the photos. Especially terung and bittergourd. yum yum...
i was gonna say bittergourd too. seems a couple of singaporeans already said tat. i dont like bittergourd though. My mum is always buggin me to eat it. my fav. is cucumber. Eggplant(more commonly known as brinjal in SG) is yummy too.
Yay, veggie shots! Thank you! Our eggplants are the size of a small football, and not very flavourful, but OK sliced and barbied (BBQed) with a bit of soy or fish sauce. Could someone please direct me to a good (and easy) bittergourd recipe?
The bitter vegi is also know as bitter melon in the States (southeast michigan is when I live). My mother loves this vegi. Its not in any of the main grocery markets, in fact I have to go to an international market (1 1/2 hours from our house) to get her supply. I just went yesterday to resupply her stock. Bitter melon has a potential benefit in the treating diabetes, for this reason my mother eats it every day. I get about 6 to 8 pounds at a time and she'll cut them up and cook them with lots of spices then freeze them in weekly serving size containers. She will save the best of the lot to slice into her salid. I've tried it, but it's just not to my liking.
so, it's bittergourd or bitter melon, eh? thanks for the info, guys!
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