Friday, September 15, 2006

Teh Botol Sosro

Now here's a survivor! Teh Botol Sosro is a bottled tea, a non carbonated drink. Teh Botol to Indonesians is like Coca-Cola to Americans. It's been around for ages, even before I was around :) Sosro, the long established company, manages to win the local market in the brutal competitive world of softdrink. Happy Friday, everyone. There's nothing like a cold Teh Botol on a hot afternoon! Ok, now they need to give me a year's supply of bottled tea! :)
don't think I know of many bottled teas except Schnapples...btw, Teh is Tea, correct? just a tiny tiny bit of Bahasa I can recognise, they are mostly names of food ;p
Hi Santy! I miss teh botol! Good news: I will coming home to celebrate Ied with my family, insya Allah. Can't wait to see you again :)
Great news, Tanty! We can have a get together and make all the other DP family jealous :) I'll be counting the days!
Hmm something is brewing Tanty and Santy! I'm already jealous now :(
i wish i can try Tehbotol tea, maybe someday =)

great ad!
apapun makanannya Teh Botol minumannya... inget gak iklan ini?
Love the style of the sign.

What does it taste like? Is it sweet?
anne, jazzy: come, come visit Jakarta :)

mike: yes, it's sweet.
Before we moved from the SF Bay Area, a brand called Tea Java was all the rage there.

Great shot of this truck, Santy!
IMHO, Tehbotol is a bit bitter --bitter sweet
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