Monday, September 11, 2006

Socks and Uniforms

My daughter was so delighted to see all the pink socks. She can still enjoy wearing colorful socks to school. When she gets to grade school, she'll most likely need to wear plain white. The majority of our schools here require students to wear uniforms and white socks with black shoes. Although not as strict for the socks and shoes. Usually they apply the 'white socks black shoes' on Mondays. As a former student in this country, I feel that wearing different uniforms each day can somehow help build self organization. The use of uniforms itself can show that all students are there for the same purpose, which is to learn and therefore avoid the gap between students with branded outfits and those without. Yep, some kids here are still brand minded, thanks to their parents :) and it could sometimes be a quite peer pressure. Anyway, what do you think about wearing uniforms at school?
Pretty socks!

My oldest daughter wore a uniform her first year in school. Then we moved and pretty much anything goes. Tank top type shirts must have straps 3 fingers wide and shorts/skirts must come down to your fingertips.

All and all, I'd say uniforms would be better. No agonzing over what to wear or getting just the "right" outfit.

Good question and really cute socks!
I think uniform is better and like you said, it might avoid the gap between the rich and the poor.
Lovely socks by the way. May I have one for my daughter :)
nice photo, i took similar shot myself on our market, we should compare =)

in B&H there was never a rule in schools to wear uniforms, you wouldn't believe how kids go to school - and i agree it does create peer pressure to look modern - up to date..

nice topic again.
cute ones and colorful shot
I support the rule of wearing uniforms at school, at least it minimizes the gap between the poor and the rich. But again, in Jakarta, some kids drive Jaguar to school *sigh*
Cute picture!

Honestly I don't know if I would have done well in a uniform environment. I have a fiercely independent nature at times (for better or worse), and uniforms rankle me. To this day I cannot work where I would have to wear one. We were not a rich family, in fact, I usually got hand-me-downs that were uncool 5 years before when my brother wore them.

I guess it would have been good for me to be at a school that made you wear a uniform, that way I might not be a headcase about them now!
thanks for all your two cents!

tata: the jaguar point is so true. gap will always be around, eh? oh well...I guess good parenting will help kids cope with gaps like that at school :)
In Australia the vast majority of schools require uniforms. I was never very fond of them, and am not a passionate advocate (the rich always manage to find ways to make their uniforms a 'bit more special' !! But as a parent, I've got to say I love the ease - no mornign decision making, and easy to keep track of washing etc.

Prmary school uniforms are pretty relaxed - tshirst or polo shirts and shorts or trackie pants. High school is usually a bit more formal, though only the really posh private schools go in for ties.

Here's my sons primary school uniform:

Because of the sun intensity, most primary schools require the kids to wear a hat when playing outside: "No hat, no play".
I looved wearing uniforms! When I moved to the US in high school I had a great deal of hard time deciding what to wear every day, or if my clothing looks silly/outdated/weird. Finally I got used to wearing t-shirts and shorts to school; still, it felt a bit too informal.
As a parent I love uniforms! No fighting over clothes.
Sometimes I get so surprised when I see that your country and mine are so similar, and I also refer to details.

Greetings from Per├║
i've grown up with uniforms too. In singapore all schools have uniforms. In Finland, all schools are uniform free and it sort of distinguishes the well off from the not so well to do. Personally, i still feel uniforms are the best.. not jus for the above case. but also cos it is practical and no hassle to decide wat to wear everyday.
I love school uniforms. There is no fighting over appropriate clothes and I agree it does equalize all students. My girls always look neat and tidy when they go to school in Australia. I hope the school we choose in Jakarta has school uniforms.
Colorful photo Santy.

My little girl love pink socks! Though she wears uniform in pre-school, socks are the only thing that they can wear without restrictions.

I went to a convent school from pre-school to HS and wore uniform half of my life. When i went to the university, i felt free but exposed. I don't know why. But i think uniforms are great! I guess, it saved from me getting late. If I'm to gauge my clothing habits now, I guess i'll be forever late for school.
i loove school uniform! rather than having a difficult time in the morning (or probably the night before) to get ready and thinkin about what to wear. kakak santy, ini riri lhooo, i love your blog! :)
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