Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sidewalk Senayan City

This is the sidewalk along the new mall, Senayan City which is located just across Plaza Senayan in South Jakarta. Apart from my bewilderment on these newly built shopping malls (as if we need another one!), I'm so glad they planted those new palm trees. Can't wait for them to create nice comfortable shade.
Hi Santy,

A friend of mine has just ben in Jakarta, and I think the thing that astounded him the most was the preponderence of malls. Looks like you share that bewilderment!

I've been meaning to ask you - does Jakarta have a central shopping / business area - a "downtown" or CBD? Or is it very devolved into neighbourhoods around discrete shopping areas?

And are there older style markets and shopping streets as well?

Sorry for so many question!
Hi, Sally. You can ask as many questions you like :)

Yes, Jakarta has a CBD or downtown area (Kuningan, Sudirman, and Thamrin area), mainly where the office buildings are. Looks like central shopping appears on every district of Jakarta. The south, west, east and north have gazillions of malls. And here I thought malls supposed to be only one on each district! I guess so many people want to open up a business. Anyway, still a big question to me.

I'd love to have more parks for children, but then the government really need to solve the polution problem first. That being said, I suppose malls are the most clean and convenient place for family outings. There are of course outdoor places not too contaminated by polution, but it's either too far from where you live (or too long! thanks to traffic jam!), or you need to be there very early in the morning to get clean air.

Old style markets still exist. Only a few of them though. People prefer a supermarket due to its cleanliness and convenience. Traditional markets are located in a crowded area, usually smells, not well maintained, very hot and definitely not clean. A huge different in price, but most will not mind paying a bit more for some comfort shopping. There are also some who love traditional markets because you can bargain, the goods are truly fresh and you can save money.

I will try to post pictures of the old style markets later.

Why don't you come and visit sometime, Sally :)
The last time I lived in Jkt - late 80s - there was only Gajah Mada Plaza, Ratu Plaza, and brand new Melawai Plaza. That was a looong time ago. I went home for the 1st time last year and to my delight found visiting pasar (traditional market) a lot more fun than going to the new malls!
As for the old malls- well, they're different than what they used to be ;P
malls are taking over! a sign of prosperity? on the other hand, i wouldnt mind one or two being sent here ..lol!
before i read what you said about the trees i thought - lovely, new trees have been planted.

that's really nice, in a few years to come you'll have a nice arbored walk =)
Plaza Senayan, Senayan City what next? People in Indonesia extremely like Mall...
I love palm trees! Used to live in California, and they are common there. There aren't any in Virginia. :(
I love palm trees! Probably because I have never lived anyplace that had them.
Santy - yes, the other thing that my friend mentioned was the polluted air. At the moment I think forest fires in Borneo and Sumatra are contributing heavily, yes?
These remind me of the palms my parents had in their Southern, CA yard. But, you can tell this is not Southern California because someone is actually WALKING down the sidewalk ;^). Santy, I'm curious what the "no S" means? Certainly not "No Santy!" :-)
PS, did you ever take classes at Cornish?
Sally: that and all the fumes from cars, especially trucks and busses. good thing we have trees to filter some of the air pollution.

Kim: the crossed S is a 'no stop' sign for cars along that road.

And, no I'd never taken classes at Cornish. Is that the one with dance arts? Maybe I should...am such a bad dancer :)

thanks, all. glad you all like the palm trees as much as I do :)
last time I went to jakarta it was summer 2004 and this area was still empty land... guess what now we have another shopping mall....
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