Friday, September 22, 2006


How's security around where you live? We have these little huts called Pos Satpam, which are posts for when the security guards take their break. These posts are spread out in every few blocks. The guards take turns in checking the neighborhood on their bicycles. They always carry pentungan, a small hollow wooden block which they hit on certain time during the night to let people aware of their presence. It's interesting how they hit it accordingly... One hit at 1 AM, two hits at 2 AM and so on. I guess they're meant to tell the time as well :) There are good and bad side of having security guards around. My friend's house was broken in one day while the whole family's gone out of town. Apparently, one of the security guards knew that no one was in and he worked together with the burglars to swept the house empty. Cases like that don't often happen, but I guess it's better to always keep your house look like it's occupied. You know, like turn the lights on or even the radio. Perhaps mannequins? Nah, let's not be too paranoid :)
Or you can ask to your neighbors help.
wow, that's really bad when you can't even trust the people who are supposed to bring you "security"..
Not a bad idea, really. Offers some hindrance to vandals, burglars, i guess.
Perhaps mannequins? That's funny.

Someone sent me a joke once where the people in the house put an oversized dog dish outside the front door and left a note that said, "(name), went to the store to buy Killer some more dog food. He's a bit grumpy today, so be careful if you go in the house". A natural angry dog!
Pos satpam nya bagus San, daerah Bintaro ya. Met puasa juga ya ...
Maybe you need security guard guards!
that is a great idea for people to feel safer, i love the way they make themselves heard at night.

that's not a common site in b&h =(
santy, salam kenal dari jauh :-) makasih untuk foto2nya. bikin kangen kampung halaman sedikit terobati. i'll be home in a month. let's go photo hunting! salam buat putrinya si anak mall yah.
No security guards where I live.

But western cities, including Sydney, are increasingly seeing "gated communities" which I despise. Living your life ruled by fear of fellow humans is a terrible state of affairs - but a reality for far too many of us.
to all: thanks for popping by. sometimes we don't know who we should trust.

diny: I had trouble putting comments on your blog. don't know why. just let me know whenever ur in town :)
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