Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Many Ways

Many ways toward success and happiness. Choose your path wisely.
Santy, where is this escalator location
bunyamin:'s the same location as the pretty ceiling (PIM2). ok, ok, so it's an archive. I didn't have time to take fresh pictures today :)
Hi Santy! Great shot! I'm sure I could shop and have fun finding my "path" all day on these all day! And I just imagined being very small and that these are the fibers in a nice shimmery silk blouse...weaving back and forth! (=
you can choose to go up or down. happiness is yours for the taking.

how are you feeling santy? sorry for not visiting lately. so much to do and blogger has been weird as well.
Dang, I'm stuck in the down escalator... and I'm fairly sure the thing will eat my shoe when I get to the bottom.

Pessimists unite!
Dear Santy
You take wonderful photos, you really manage to capture the "feel" of the place.
I love this pathways to happiness photo, and the wall at the hospital was so cool and peaceful.
ame: you're too funny! come and shop with me here sometime :)

edwin: I'm feeling ok, thanks! I know blogger can be so annoying, eh? How about switching to wordpress? I'm planning on doing that one of these days.

juggerpix: hey, can I join the club? I'm going down as well :)

jenny: thanks! and thank you for visiting my blog again :)
Well Santy, you certainly have an eye for design!

Curly's Photoshop
Wow, this deserves gallery exposure. SUPER image!
Cool shot!! Love it!
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