Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Little People Event

VIP seats! For children watching sing and dance performances. And there was also a model hunt for kids. There are quite a number of Jakartans who like to register their kids as models. They're cute, they love the camera, hey...they could probably make tons of money being models! Some parents do it for the money, some to boost their child's self esteem. There are of course plus and minuses in it. I think it's good so long as school's on top priority.
this is a wonderful shot, chairs for the little ones...did your daughter enrol?
lisi: No, she didn't. We didn't stay long. Although I guess she wouldn't say no as she loves posing for the camera as well.
Green chairs on green carpet. I like it!
so you can mould your daughter to become a model then? ;)
for me, as long as the make-up dont get too freaky. some are just OTT !
Nice capture ! I didn't knew how popular it is the 'kids modeling'...I am sure that the motives are many, but from the other hand they are many dangers who can effect the children personality.
Beautiful play of colors. If you didn't say they are for small children I wouldn't have known they are small chairs!
like the shot very much and the angle of it

very nice =)
Hi Santy! Salma is so sweet, maybe you should try it at least once, and as Kris said, as long as the make-up don't get too freaky :)
Very sweet. I haven't seen first that those green chairs were for kids.

Are they green or white by the way ?
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