Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Limited Budget?

How about buying used sinks or toilets? With heavy duty cleaner and polisher, they will come out as good as new. The place where they sell this is called Pasar Rumput, in Manggarai area of Central Jakarta. If you can't afford new ones, then this is a suitable place for you to work on your bathroom with a small budget. Bargain hard, be very careful, pay attention to details and check everything to make sure it's still working well. But if you have the cash, why bother with such a hassle? Just buy new ones! :)
If about sanitation, I prefer buying a new one...
YOu can find jewels in these kinds of places...
Hey Santy,
I love love love the colours in this photo!

Have you seen any photos by Laura letinsky? She has beautiful photographs (mostly of domestic scenes) with gorgeous pale colours like these.

Keep it up!

Agree with Bunyamin. Nice shot San!
Now your site really does have everything! Even the kitchen sink!
What a great photo!
Please the next time make a zoom
with your camera on the details ,
and the colours.
Of course I will prefer a new one.
What a 'strange' bazaar!
great post.

the things on the display look new to me, they really polish them nicely =)
Santy, interesting photo, in a way, it's a thing that those are recycled
Nothing wrong with recycling. Good to see this actually. Good shot with whites and colors interspersed.
Recycling is good. Some people actually do decorate in an "old" style, like 50s and 60s furniture. Although, I'm not sure if they would go so far as the bathroom sink!
I think it's an awesome idea! Nice photo!
Great idea for a photo. Watch out Home Depot!
Funny picture :)
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