Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Lazy Afternoon...

This is a quiet scene around Pondok Indah neighborhood. During rush hours, this street can not escape the flooding cars. As a result, people who live here close their main road at certain times. Some might say 'these rich people think they own the streets! they can't just close the road!' But I personally can relate to the fact that it sucks having your neighborhood full of cars day and night, with honk noises and dirty fumes coming out of them. Having said that, I now feel grateful to live in a small alley :)
Pondok Indah... far above the sky...

At the end they will be under the ground... like other people
Those are houses? They look like museums! Too bad they don't get nice quiet roads to go with them.
Hi Santy,

Thanks for popping by with that nice warm welcome!
Nice trees, are they palms?

I am all for closing roads so people get into the habit of walking and enjoying all the beatiful things around them =)
Nice pic ;)
I love palm-trees:)
Santy...I just got your comment on my blog. All is well, I'm ready to start posting photos again. thanks for asking!
Wow those houses are huge. Yeah, they chose to live there so they can't complain too much!
Hi Santy ,

I have the same opinion with Susan : they looks like museums
!How is it live in this house?
bunyamin: so true.

susan: yes, many of our huge houses have that old dutch influence.

zannie: you're very welcome :)

kala: I agree with you. I love walking too.

zsolt72: yep, those trees look great, eh?

susan: with some of us having quite a stress with DP blogging, I thought you were in one of those stages as well. Good to know you're still continuing your posts :)

felicia: you got a good point. and yes, houses in Pondok Indah are huge! Some even have their own tennis court :)

selana: how? phew! I've never had a house that size, so unfortunately I can't answer your question. It's actually not my kind of dream house :)
beautiful exuberant vegetation and nice architecture
Yeah, perhaps in those houses you can find some authorities of the city, and they can order to close the road.

Greetings from Per├║
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