Monday, September 18, 2006


One happening thing in Jakarta right now are donuts! Jakartans are being spoiled by Krispy Kreme and J.CO Donuts. You wouldn't believe the line of people trying to buy these donuts. A friend of mine stood in line for half an hour. It's crazy! The picture you see here was the other donut place that I went to (can you guess where?). I picked up my donuts in 5 minutes there, my daughter was happy and I didn't have to waste my precious time. Next time I will try to grab a picture of those people lined up. It's totally mad, I tell you! I saw the look in their eyes after carrying dozens of donuts. They looked so satisfied as if they've accomplished something big. It's like me when I managed to bargain for a nice blouse! Maybe those people would say that I miss out on something. Oh, well...guess I'm not a true fan of donuts :)
I was addicted to Krispy Kreme a few years ago. After a few months, I realized that Krispy Kreme donuts have extremely high sugar content, especially those filled with custard. Now I only eat 1 Krispy Kreme donut a year.

I like doughnuts, but didn’t see the complete appeal of Krispy Kreme. I like them ok, but didn’t find them "to die for". I think they put some addictive substance in their food.

Is this a Dunkin Doughnuts? Now the Dunkin Doughnuts cruller is something I'd wait in line for.
have no idea, maby your local donat shop, or mcdonalds?

the photo looks colorfull, nice new chairs.
Be glad your not a fan! I unfortuantly love donuts.
yes, juggerpix. it's Dunkin Donuts.
Whether it's Dunkin Donuts or KK, santy, they're heart stoppers!!
kate: I totally agree. That's why I've been wondering why in the world were those people lining up for! I myself try to not eat donuts. But I still let my daughter have them once in a while :)
Yep, yep, yep...the saturated fat content will kill ya eventually...besides they're such empty nutrition at all...and they just spike your blood sugar levels up then way down....but I could eat one if I forced myself, LOL! ;) Beautiful colors in those tables & chairs tho Santy! (=
Nice repeating colors and pattern and POV. Oh Santy, was Top Pot around when you lived in Seattle? They are supposed to be THE best in the city, and Starbucks carries them here. I don't like doughnuts, so I don't eat them. My husband said Tim Bits (doughnut holes) are really good from Tim Horton's doughnuts in Canada (he had some on a business trip one time). I had a college nutrition teacher who said, "Take a plain glazed doughnut in your hand, raise your arm up high, and squeeze the doughnut in your fist as tight as you can until the greese runs down to your elbow. . .and you won't eat any ever again." Sigh. . .all things in moderation, eh?
Krispy Kreme Donuts didn't last down here in Houston. We are very much Shipley's people. I try not to eat donuts that much though!
Oh gosh...I was just going to comment on the picture...and the colors. I like it. then I read the comments. Kim had me laughing outloud.!
In Kompas, sunday edition said,now donuts become a lifestyle..u eat it means you're very cool person oh my gosh..!how come ? for santy, salam kenal yaaa...nice article, thanks !
Wow, Jakarta has Krispy Kreme now? Singapore does not have them yet.

But I ate it a few times in Aust. Just too sweet. I can feel my arteries getting choked with every bite of the doughnut. haha
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