Friday, September 29, 2006

Comedy Cafe

Still the same location as my previous post, here's another place called Comedy Cafe. The people who work there were busy cleaning their props. It has the sign Makan Minum (eating, drinking), Nyanyi Nyanyi (singing), Ketawa Ketiwi (laughing). I've never been there so I don't know whether they're actually funny or not. I personally prefer live music than comedy in a cafe :). Do you have a comedy cafe as well in your country? Anyway, Happy Friday everyone! A laugh is always good for the soul. And I think Ame from Santa Clara DP probably have a VERY healthy soul, right Ame? ;)
Very lively looking place! I bet they have a fun show, you should try it sometime and let us know!

In our area, we have places called Comedy Sports. The are improvisational shows (like the TV show "Whose Line is it Anyway?" (Either the British or American version)), and no 2 are ever alike. Its very audience interactive, and a fun night out.
In canada we have what's called Dinner Theatre. You see a play (usually a goofy parody of something popular) while you eat supper. The actors have to serve the food (in character) as well as perform in the play! I've never been as it's not my taste.
haha Satty, that looks like a place with character and I like it. No such thing in HK, not that I know of anywaz, but we have bar/night club with stand-up comedian in Vancouver, also I had attended a dinner with a murder case drama...that was fun :-)
i've been there, santy. and it was pretty lame i think. no comedy, it's just a theme for the place but there's no live comedy or anything.. not that i know when i was there ya..

as far as i know, america is known for its stand-up comedy.. comedians are viewed from their work as a stand-up comedy, not just merely the slapstick. and i think those who can do stand-up must be really well-prepared and smart.. before they can make fun of something. i know when i was in new york, they have tons of comedy cafe, the famous one being "cafe wha" where many of the well-known comedians now used to do stand up there..

oh well.. this is quite a long explanation.. ehhe.. anyway, i'm back! feel better now.. and thanks for posting my picture last week! sorry couldn't make it ya..
"ketawa ketawi" this term is new to me..hehe . I love live music and a good laugh as well for night out. Nope we havent got any comedy club here :(

ps. i have no doubt that Ame has a healthy soul! the girl spread her laughter :)
it looks like a fun place to go once in a while, looks busy and popular.
Well even if it's lame (as Slesta says) I'd rather go there than the polygamy café!

There's at least one comedy club in Washington. I went once and it was okay. It all depends on who's performing the night you're there.
Well, if nothing else the place certainly has character on the outside. We have several stand-up comedy places. I haven't been in years though...I guess it's just not really my thing.
It is very interesting. In Japan, there are English cafes, where people only speak English to take practice.
Comedy is huge in Australia, comedy cafes everywher, and plenty on tv, in the street and around my place! Lovely shot.
SANTY! You're TOO SWEET! Thanks for the link...and yep, looooooooooooove to laugh...well you guys all know THAT! LOL! We have a few comedy places here and it's been awhile since I've been. But you can bet that I'm watching all the hilarious shows and videos tha my crazy boys seem to find online...I think it's genetic! And ya know what they say, laughter's the best medicine! Thanks again...and hmmmmmmmmmmm...poligamy bar? Have to check out THAT concept...don't know if there are any of THOSE around here or not! (=
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