Monday, September 04, 2006

Colorful Building?

Yes, it obviously is. Although I'm not too crazy about the color combination there. This is a type of building known as Ruko (Rumah Toko). There are many ruko in Jakarta. The first concept of ruko was for people to have a home business, where you live upstairs and have a store downstairs. But apparently not many people want to live above their store/office, so they eventually rent a ruko for business purposes only. So I guess the colors were meant to attract customers. It would work well if you open a candy store, no? :)
A candy store or gelatto store. Here the fashion is still dark hues of saturated blocks of color on new construction of commercial and apartment buildings. Interesting to see this different group of colors being used similarly. Nice photo, Santy!
Oh, Santy, I LOVE the color combination--vivid!
kate: hehe...glad you like it. I guess pink is just not my color :)
This reminds me of Disneyland!
i like the design of the building. it is majestic and hard to miss.. with the different colours, it certainly is attractive!
I like the colors and the building. Nice shot!
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