Monday, September 25, 2006


No, it's not breakfast. It's break fasting time for the moslem community. Fresh coconut tastes incredibly delicious after approximately thirteen hours of no food or drinks! During the fasting month, many coconut sellers appear all over the sidewalks. There are also other vendors selling juice, sweet traditional drinks or cakes. By 5 pm, these vendors are busy attending customers. I think that young lady only had some dust in her eyes and not because the coconut had some funny smell :)
Coconut tastes good anytime, but after fasting it must be especially pleasing!
Hmmm... nanti buka mo pake coconut, ah...
already that time of the year?
selamat berpuasa, Santy :)
hmmm.... seger ;)
We have a big pile of yellow melons on our street - pretty as well as tasty!

I love your blog. I take a lot of pics around Jakarta for my own page,, so if you ever need a guest blogger, I'd be honored. You can reach me at trishanderton (at) - Trish
very interesting custom story you shared, love the scene - great capture =)
I had fresh coconut juice once - what a treat! I'll go for it any time I have a chance, but so far, not a lot of luck.
fresh coconut juice on a hot sunny day.. refreshing. ;-)
wah, kelapa enak sekali. Where was the photo taken? I love the blog - great photos.
Wow... after thirteen hours without food or water, I probably would be happy eating my shoe! Although coconut would be MUCH better!
kate & kaa: oh, yes it does. tastes like heaven! hehe...

bunyamin: yuuuk...

kris: terima kasih :)

tata: seger dong :) termasuk yang berpuasa juga gak?

kopisusu: hi, trish. thanks for visiting Jakarta Daily Photo and putting my link on your blog! will try to email you sometime soon :)

jazzy: yes, I just love sharing.

meg: oh, meg...come over here! we have tons of coconuts! :)

bfy: just around bintaro. thanks for the compliment. hope you visit some more :)

juggerpix: you cracked me up! I've been doing it once every year since grade school, so it's not that bad, really :)

thanks for commenting, guys!
Mau dong, es kelapa nya ....
yeap, gw puasa juga santy. aduhhh hari pertama aja cobaannya udah ada nihh... dari si boss ;)
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