Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Pasar Rumput from my previous post also sells a variety of bicycles with reasonable prices. They're not those fancy geared bikes, but most of them are in good condition. They provide used and new ones too.
Yesterday's shot was very interesting.
Today's one? I like this one better and I see some of them are fancy one...
I want to ride my bicycle...I wan to ride my bike....

from: Queen
wakakaka... udah keduluan bunyamin lagunya... :)
that's exactly the song I have in my head... good shot today Santy! :)

Selamat Berpuasa!
Nice colours!
Interesting shot.Do you ride often?
Cyclist are becoming more common in our country, but we still have a love affair with automobiles. I like bikes!
great place to choose one it seems. i like the photo a lot.
To me one of the biggest difference between Indonesia and China was that in Indonesia they use motorbikes more often and in China bicycle is the popular.
Cyclists are very common here in Stavanger. Great shot Santy!
ben: hehe...I didn't realize that as I am not a cyclist :)

bunyamin, edwin, tata: aaah, yes...the legendary Queen!

selana: no, unfortunately.

kate: I always admire cyclists. Good that more people are getting into it now in your country.

jazzy: glad you like it!

zsolt72: yes, maybe because it's too hot and humid in Indonesia that people are not very keen in cycling all the time. perhaps some people only do it in the morning or late afternoon.

tanty: well, many beautiful scenes in Stavanger!! I know I'd become a cyclist there :)

Thanks all for visiting :)
It's always fun to see bikes from around the world. I love bicycles but where I'm from (canada) they don't get much respect.

I've always admired how much they are used throughout Asia and think they are a great way to get around.
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