Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ayam Bakar Wong Solo

The restaurant, Ayam Bakar Wong Solo, located in Tenda Semanggi of Sudirman street in downtown Jakarta, is now being renovated. There was a very controversial story behind it in the year 2004. The owner of Ayam Bakar Wong Solo did a press conference once and declared himself as a man who strongly believe in poligamy. He has four wives and ten children. He encouraged other Indonesian men to follow his lead. He even named one of his beverages as 'poligamy juice', and also created a poligamy award (huh?). The food, which is specialized in grilled chicken served in traditional Indonesian way, actually tastes okay, but ever since his public announcement people stopped going there. Many women do not approve of him (including me!). A friend of mine who's totally against poligamy said that she would never ever go to that restaurant again. :) What do you think of a man having more than one wife?
I like the shot, nice juxtaposition between the older style building and the new.

It makes me mad that a guy can have 10 wives, and I can't even find one! That dude is just greedy.

Seriously, I think one wife (or husband, or partner) is enough. There is enough wonder to explore in one person over a lifetime.
Hi Santy...only if I can have more than one husband! LOL! Ahhhhhhh...sorry, I'm pretty much an equal-minded gal...what's good for the goose is good for the gander, right? ;-) Great bunch of pix lately...can't believe I've missed so much! Will try to do better my dear! (=
one at a time, anyway. at least that's how it works for most ;)
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Greedy! Unless the wife is barren or sick, then I can understand if the husband wants to have another wife.
one could see it as a very chauvinistic thing and it's a no no for me but never the less the new american show called Big love is fascinating to me.
love this picture... (especially with the construction of Pacific Place as the background). I miss Jakarta.... I wanna go hommmme....*sob*
I would have thought one wife was more than enough for most men. Ben???
thanks for your two cents, guys! :)
Very interesting story, I'm glad to think that this mans defense of polygamy actually turned against him in business! But my first reaction was the fantastic contrast between old and new. The buildings growing at the back tell that the world is changing too...
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