Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Water Dispenser

I want to show you that guy on the motorbike, who is holding a dispenser. You can find a water dispenser in almost every house around here because tap water is not drinkable. I wonder what other country has the same thing in their daily life.
aqua..de de dem dem dem dem aqua
Indonesians are very skillful on their motorcycles and bicycles.
Nice photograph. Strangely our water is drinkable but many spend money on bottled water - mainly for show I think.
Ours is drinkable but most of Cebuanos still buy bottled water/ we buy bottled water - out of habit i guess, from living in Manila where you can't drink from tap.

this is really an everyday photo!
I am drinking bottled water as I post this comment. I suspect many are drinking bottled water while reading this comment. And there is not one thing wrong with the water from tap. I tell myself I can taste the difference but I really doubt it.
In my city you can drink tap water, but some people prefer buy dispensers. The truth is that both waters have different flavours. Which one is better? I have no idea.

Greetings from Peru.
Our water in Manila, based on what the officials of our local water company say are drinkable. But noone ever believes government officials right...so they just go ahead and buy processed water instead just to be in the safe side :) We do too!
I live in California, USA, and many cities in my area have virtually undrinkable water; we have a filter on the tap and buy bottled water as well.
I live in the US. And they are arbitarily adding poison to our tap water. ( Unnatural flouride, which causes ostioporosis, alzhimers and many other things.) There are other contaminants too. So I use bottled. Better safe than sorry.

Scary thing many do not know. An Israeli 'security' company is in control of all water supply in the USA. Astigfirulla!
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