Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Walk This Way

Here's another walkway in Thamrin street of downtown. I think people who work around here are very lucky to have pedestrian space like this, because you will rarely find walkways in suburban or residential areas of Jakarta. You will need to be very careful, walk as close as possible to the side of the street in order to avoid all those moving vehicles around. I really feel that we need more walkways. Well, among other things... :)
Walk ways are very important to keep streets safe for both pedestrians and motorists. Here in Manila, we have many sidewalks but many are pestered by sidewalk vendors. Our government is slowly trying to "recover" these sidewalks so that people can actually start walking on them again.
i totally agree!!!
Nice post. Gives a nice sense of th place.
Another nice wide sidewalk. More pedestrian space is always a good thing!
yes, I always love walking. therefore sidewalks are essential for me :)
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