Monday, August 28, 2006


This sign says 'wise men pay taxes'. I took this picture because me and my friends just happened to discuss about people who own big businesses and cover it up to avoid paying large amount of tax. A tiny room located in a very dark and filthy apartment, on a small alley so hard to find. Inside are two computers with files scattered all over the place. Who would've thought the two guys there are making hundreds of millions rupiah by designing sophisticated sailboats! Their company was licensed as a small business, they don't have a fancy office building and therefore pay a small amount of tax. I'm sure this type of cover up happens everywhere. Knowing the difficulty of getting a job or opening business through a normal way, would you say it's only fair for them to do this? That you don't need to be a too honest citizen to your government? I'd certainly couldn't sleep at night. And maybe that's why I'm not making hundreds of millions rupiah :)
Santy i have my own office and i pay a LOT of taxes. Our accountants are keeping everything very legal but i can really understand that people try to pay less.
I'm a sucker I guess. I feel good paying my taxes every year (although I don't feel good about everything the government spends it on, but that is probably universal).
Avoiding paying tax is a 'sin' but those fat guys who corrupt them is... paving a straight highway to hell....

I agree with you completely, I couldn't sleep at night either over anything that's not right.
Like the photo =)
Wise men pay taxes? Nah, honest folks pay taxes. Probably ever since they invented taxes...
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