Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Spirit of Independence

The Independence spirit is in the air. This is an alley close to my house. My neighborhood always have great enthusiasm in welcoming the independence day. They've prepared signs, decorations and games to play on the actual day at least a week ahead. 17 August 1945 was the day Indonesia gain its freedom. Although many of us feel that actual freedom, especially freedom of speech has emerged only recently, with lots of pros and cons around it of course. I'd like to share with you an interesting blog created by Indonesians who would like to sincerely express their thoughts about Indonesia. Please welcome: Indonesia Anonymous.
I will be interested to have a look santy. Here in Australia there are very stereotypical views held about Indonesia quite often, and we don't get s full appreciation of diversity of views. Of course our TV screens are filled with fundamentalist fist-waving and Bali bombers...but not th eother facets of life which you bring.

All the best to you!
I was going to ask you how the holiday is celebrated, but got sidetracked by the Indonesia Anoy blog. It is very interesting and make you think. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Welcome to Indonesia Anonymous! And happy independence day to you Santy!
I like the Indonesia Anonymus site. It is good to tackle the uncomfortable topics. Thanks Santy.
Hey San! Thanks banget buat blog Indonesian Anonymus nya ya. Menarik sekali. Oh, Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia!! No matter what, I love Indonesia!!
Nice photo. I also visited the website and that was very interesting also.
Cool photo of a neat display! Well, I will not likely ever forget Indonesian Independance day: it's the same as my dad's birthday!
Thanks everyone!

Kim: happy b'day to your dad :)
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