Friday, August 25, 2006

RSIB - another look

Here's the front part of the hospital from my previous post. I like those trees inside! :)
So modern hospital, but I like they don't forget to put plants inside.

Greetings from Perú
Nice bright and airy - it looks very efficient. Looks a bit like a hotel actually...
The trees are beautiful ...
I agrre with neorelix , the building looks like a hotel ...
It's like a hospital/beach resort/ shopping mall kinda look. How are you feeling btw?
Hi Tanty! Are you sick? Hope not :)

And are those trees real??
These private hospitals are renowned for spending more money on their foyers than actual clinical and medical services...the rich need to feel pampered, I guess. [Not saying you're necessarily richm, but I bet Ramsay are making a lot of money in Indonesia]

In Australia the public hospitals are the teachig hospitals, and where you really want to be if you have an emergency (well few if any privates take emergencies - too costly). The privates secialise in elective surgery for people who can afford private insurance and so don;t need to wait for procedures.

This is a typical private hospital foyer - all flash, and you hope the standard of care matches it! It's interesting to see an almost identikit one in Indonesia.
It's great, it doesn't look like a hospital at all. I believe the patients can get better if they are in nicer and more positive environment.

Thanks for stopping by.
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